New Bra? Yes, please!


CGgirl…you can’t pull one over on me.  Summer is winding down.  One trip to Target and I see school supplies are out in abundance,  kids back-to-school clothing sales are everywhere — I know a wind down when I see it.

In so many ways, it feels like summer never even started this year.

Looking at the calendar I see a special date coming our way.  October 17th  will be our next CommonGround event.   This one really touches our hearts.

Why?  Because we want all women to win.  We see so many women living in defeat through bad choices and broken hearts.   I bet one or two popped into your mind as you read that — maybe it’s even you.

If we can help girls change lanes; we want to help! 

In October our outreach spotlight will be Alternatives for Girls.

This wonderful organization helps homeless and high-risk girls and young women avoid violence, teen pregnancy and exploitation, and helps them to grow strong and make positive choices.

We’re collecting the following items:  Construction Paper, Crayons, Colored Pencils, new bras (all sizes) and new socks (all sizes). 

Recently, a woman contacted me and shared with me some good insight.    She grew up very poor most of her young  life and when she would get bras they would always be used, worn out of shape.

She said she never forgot what it was like when she finally got a new bra.    It made her feel like a million dollars.

A good reminder, huh?

What do you say?  Let’s go find the prettiest bras for these young ladies and let’s make them feel like a million dollars!

CG events are open to all women (ages 13+) and if you’ve never experienced a cross denominational event before where women from over 30 Detroit-area churches
gather together to worship the Living God you are missing something….really special.   Spread the word and join the party on October 17th, 7pm at Connection Church in Canton.

Roll Call: WOWZA 37 Churches!

37 Churches!

CGgirl, are you ready for this?   Final Roll Call from our May Event!  

Allen Park Church of Nazarene
Calvary Baptist Church
Church of Jesus Christ
Community Baptist
Connection Church
Crosswalk Church of the Nazarene
Fairhaven Church
First Baptist Wyandotte
Forest City Destiny Church
Free Will Baptist Church
Gilead Baptist Church
Grace Bible Church
Harvest Bible
Kensington Church
Life Church
Massachusetts Church
Merriman Road
Metro City Church
Morningstar Church
Northline Baptist
Northridge Church
Oak Pointe
Oakwood Church
Parkside Community Church
Praise Baptist Church
Redeemer Community Church
Rivers Worship Center
Solid Rock Bible Church
St Clement Orthodox
St Joseph Catholic
St Mary Parish in Wayne
St Raphael
St Simon & Jude
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Lakes
Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor
Ward Presbyterian


Come As You Are … This Friday Night … Really.

Come As You Are

Five years ago (May 1, 2009)  we hosted our first CommonGround event.  Doesn’t seem possible does it?    We’ve seen God do UNBELIEVABLE things during the last NINETEEN events.    Remember… when God unleashed a spirit of generosity on CGgirls and you donated 1,120 Christmas gifts for 14 girls in foster care? when God provided an offering […]

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He is Risen!

10171273_726203277419285_4233840738667050292_n[Continue reading...]

Brave Girl Boots — Play it safe?


On March 4th, CGgirls launched a 60 day Prayer Challenge called Brave Girl Boots.   It’s been so rewarding to see God move in and through women’s hearts and hands.  If you’ve participated, you’ve been brave. Beautifully, brave.  It’s hard to believe just over a week remains of this challenge.  We’ve been praying daily for God […]

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Giirrrlll, are you coming?


(Photo Credit: Lisa Hildebrandt) 

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May 2, 2014 Outreach Spotlight

cg facebook may2

We are announcing the outreach focus for our May 2, 2014 event!    Really, really excited about this!   One in seven homeless people have served in the military. We are going to do our part to help. CGgirls is setting a goal of 1,020 snack kits to fill that evening. Invite, Invite, and Invite […]

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Brave Girl Boots! 60 Day Challenge


68.    As I write this we have that many days until we gather on our common ground.      Honestly, it can’t come fast enough for me. We are finalizing all the details, announcing them soon. Very excited ya’ll!    Seriously. The last few weeks this scripture has been jumping out at me from […]

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Care & Compassion: Cancer, who plans for it?

Wow! Once again,  we find ourselves shouting T H A N K Y O U , CGgirl!  “How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you?” 1 Thessalonians 3:9 You were an abundant, over-the-top, way cool,  unbelievable blessing to Margie Kelly […]

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Today, right now, this minute, you have all the BRAVE you need.   Jesus.

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